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Updated: Sep 6, 2021

They say: "Gastronomy is the greatest form of therapy that anyone can be exposed to." Discover wine & dine heritage which makes Istria an exceptional destination for all wine lovers and gourmets. Indulge yourself with a perfect wine tour in Istria, sip the best Istrian wines and try the local specialties.

Istria is called "Croatian Tuscany" for a reason...hilly, green, mysterious and charming... To capture the essence of Istria you have to use all your senses…

Istria has a lot to offer: noted vineries with splendid, Istrian wines, fantastic olive oil estates, the best restaurants offering exquisite sea food, truffles, traditional Istrian dishes and extremely interesting places revealing historic and cultural heritage of Istria…

We recommend our guests to visit following destinations:


Minor Beach Bar, Peroj, Istria

5 km away from our villa there is a stunning beach bar where you can chill with their cold dring and settle yourself in a comfortable lounger while listening to soothing music and the sounds of the breeze and the sea. Especially beautiful is the west swinging on their swing overlooking the open sea. If you don’t visit this bar, it’s like you haven’t been with us.


Meneghetti, Bale, Istria - Wine Hotel & Winery

In search for unique places, sometimes you need to get off the main roads. However, let them lead you to Bale, Istria.


Montona Gallery, Motovun, Istria

Motovun is a stunningly picturesque hilltop village in central Istria. It is a must-see in the region, and has become a favorite day-trip destination. Passing through the ancient city-gates of Motovun you are immediately greeted with open arms by the café «Montona Gallery». As you’re guided to a table, the first thing you’ll notice is a stunning view of the verdant (especially at the sun set), pastoral landscapes of Northern Croatia as the restaurant itself is settled on the top of this nice little town.

Second, you’ll appreciate the warmth and friendliness of the staff and third: their amazing ice-cream menu. The restaurant offers also a local food and which is very delicious.


Konoba Morgan, Brtonigla, Istria

A warm welcome awaits at this bright, simply styled restaurant with its displays of wine bottles and its beautiful terrace with countryside views. The Morgan family are your hosts and serve traditional Istrian cuisine, with a focus on meat dishes, famous Istrian hams and the tasty homemade pasta.

The restaurant is also very famous as one of Michelin Guide recommendations in Croatia.


Winery Kozlovic and Restaurant Stari podrum, Momjan, Buje, Istria

Family Kozlovic is very known for its fresh, premium and authentic wines, specially for their Malvazija wine. Their modern wine cellar offers tasting as well as wine shop for even the most demanding customer.

Family tavern "Stari podrum" is situated at the location of the first Istrian liqueur factory, in the picturesque landscape of the valley of the Argilla river, under Momiano castle. This family-owned restaurant will simply thrill you with its traditional recipes and pleasant ambience. You will feel the relaxing homey atmosphere and wonderful appetizing scents as soon as you pass through the door.

You will find your place either inside the rustic tavern or on the terrace offering an enchanting view of Momiano and the surrounding vineyards and the freshness of the nearby brook.


Winery Matosevic, Kruncici (near Rovinj), Istria

Their wine cellar is situated in Kruncici, Istria, almost the northernmost part of the Mediterranean. In this place, wine has always been part of tradition, identity and everyday life. In other words, the are part of the old wine world. Their mission is to make a wine that reflects this unique territory bathed in fertile soil, sunshine and sea. They want to bottle the territory for you to taste, get to know and enjoy.


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